The answer to frequently asked questions:

How long is the processing time?

Our current processing time is around 1-2 weeks for tags and custom orders.

Are your tags safe for pets?

Once the resin cures, it is does not put off any gas or smell, and is not toxic to be around. Chewing, swallowing or otherwise ingesting resin can be dangerous to your pets, and they should never be left with something they could chew on without supervision. Please see our Terms of Service for full details.

What happens if a tag gets damage?

Our tags are durable but not indestructible. We are not responsible for tags that are destroyed by dogs chewing or rough play. But if something is wrong contact us at info@shopnajs.com.

How to wash tie-dye products?

You can wash them with similar colors in cold water to 40 Celsius. If you are afraid it will wash of color then wash them the first time alone. The color can fade over time. Hang for air dries if you want the color to last. And iron on mid-high or high. Bandanas should only be washed by hand in cold water or in cold water wash with no centrifuge in washing machine in a bag. 

How does the tag look on the back?

If you choose a number on the back it will look like the picture. We divide the number in two lines so you can see it more Clear.



What tag sizes do you offer?

We have for the moment four different sizes. You can see the picture below. 


What text colors do you offer?

We have for the moment tree different colors. You can see the picture below. 


How much for shipping?

Always free shipping in Sweden. For all the other EU countries it's free shipping over 300 SEK (around €30) . We only ship to EU countries.  When you order under 300 SEK (around €30) 
the shipping will be 40 SEK (around €4).