Collection: Beaded Collars

About beaded collars:

All beads are fed through a steel wire and are attached securely at each end. 
Yes, you can use these collars as regular collars. The collars have been tested to pull 100 kg weights. Have in mind the collar is tough but it's still handmade. Martingale, buckle, and snap-on are best for regular walking collars, and slip-on is perfect for walking a calm dog or for looking good.
Good to know that silicone beads best suites shorthaired dogs. All other beads suit well short and medium long-haired fur. If you want a beaded collar for a long-haired dog size up, don't use it as a regular walking collar because the fur can tangle.  

For small dog breeds such as chihuahuas and Pomeranians that have small mouths and shorter necks, it's recommended to select the buckle style for a snug fit around the neck for safety.