The story behind Najs

Hi! My name is Laura and it's me who started Najs. I am a restless creative ADHD person.I do not like working regular jobs with the same schedule every day.

Some time ago, my workplace was restructured and then I decided to start my first company, which was as a dog walker. That's when I realized that self-employment was what I wanted to do and loved. But I did not like to walk other people's dogs. Love dogs but the structure of how the job worked did not suit me and I wanted to be more creative. But after a while I decided to try tie-dye. And I loved it!

I tie-dyed different things to friends and to myself. Then one day I sat and scrolled on Instagram. Then I saw how big it was to tie-dye bandanas and make nice colorful tags for dogs in the USA. It really is a completely different market there when it comes to everything.

So then I decided to actually try making tags for dogs. And I have to say that I liked that even more than tie-dye. It was so fun to be so creative without any restrictions.

Me and my husband had supported some projects on Kickstarter, so I knew about that platform and really wanted to try starting a project there.
And so did I! It was a really fun and educational experience. But unfortunately it did not succeed. But did not do much I got to see that there was an interest in buying my products and I had learned so much.
So after the Kickstarter, I started working on my real online store. And here I am now! Nervous for tomorrow the first day for my shop to go live! It will be so exciting to see if I get any orders.
It will be fun to experience this journey with you!
Thank you for all the support!


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